What is Fiber Internet by Hyak?

In short, the fastest internet available today.

Hyak.co IconThe technical part: Fiber optic Internet uses cutting edge technology. Information is sent via small, flexible strands of glass that transmit light. This allows data to be sent faster over greater distances.
Light moves very fast (186,000 miles per second, to be specific), enabling speeds of 1,000 Megabits (one Gigabit) per second and faster on fiber-optic networks. That’s almost 100 times faster than the US broadband average of 11.7 Megabit per second.

Super Fast

How would you like an internet service that is 10 times, or 100 times faster, and cheaper?

Super Fast

No hidden fees. No contracts. No speed limitations. Cancel anytime.


Upload speed is the same as download speed. 1000MB+ Great for uploading content and gaming!


Unlimited internet. We don’t throttle and we don’t put limits on your internet connection.

Get your GIG NOW!

  • Basic GIG
    $49.99 monthly
    • 1GB (1000mb) Upload & Download Speed
    • $299 *FREE Installation During Construction
    • Bring your own compatible equipment
  • Enterprise GIG
    • 1GB or 10GB (10,000mb) upload and download speed
    • $399+ *FREE Installation During Construction
    • FREE Static IP address
    • 99.99% Uptime SLA
    • Dedicated fiber circuit

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* Service not available in all areas. Pricing and products may vary based on location. Installation fee does not include Wireless or Router. Subject to our Terms of ‭Service and Privacy Notice, available at: hyak.co/legal.